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  • How to launch a ’40 Act Alternative fund?

    Mar 2015

    The investment pool of mutual fund assets is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017. Some key questions still remain; what are the barriers to entry, and how can managers launch a ’40 Act Alternative Fund?

  • Managed Futures & Systematic Strategies

    Feb 2015

    For many managed futures funds, 2014 was their best year on record – better even than in their wonder year of 2008. The events of recent months have underlined once again the durability and resilience of trend-following systematic trading strategies, and their capacity to provide non-correlated returns and portfolio diversification to investors.

  • European Equities

    Jan 2015

    It remains to be seen whether last October's sharp falls in European equity markets were another bull market correction or the start of a more fundamental change in sentiment and direction.


March 2015 Global indices

Index Composite
GlobalMar 15YTD%
Emerging Market Debt0.25%1.28%81%
Emerging Market Equity1.04%2.80%100%
Event Driven0.44%1.70%80%
Managed Futures1.05%4.67%91%
Single Manager African1.73%5.77%94%

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