Hedge funds gain 0.75% in February

By Josh Friedlander

Mon Mar 7, 2011

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Managed futures funds were the best performers globally. Full index stats now live from HedgeFund Intelligence.

Most hedge funds produced positive performance in February, though equity funds continued to underperform the major indices. The HedgeFund Intelligence Global Composite Index, which tracks 4,371 active single-manager hedge funds, produced a median gain of 0.75% in February against a 3.50% rise in the MSCI World Index (net).

Americas, Europe, Asia
Funds in the Americas rose 1.12% in February, against a 3.20% gain for the S&P 500 Index. European funds gained 0.64% against a 3.28% gain for the MSCI Europe Index (net). Asian funds gained 0.08% against a 3.45% gain for the MSCI Pacific Free Index (net).

Managed Futures hedge funds were the best performers globally, gaining 1.34% in February. Emerging market equity funds fell into last place globally, dropping 0.39% for the month. So far, this year is broadly better than the prior three. The Global Composite Index, which is up 1.17% this year through February, was down 0.26% in 2008, up 0.18% in 2009 and up 0.41% in 2010 for the same period.

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