Hedge funds declined 0.05% in October but beat indices

By Amal Robleh

Thu Nov 8, 2012

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The Absolute Return Composite Index fell an estimated 0.20% based on early reports to the database, now available.

October was a lackluster month for hedge funds, with the HedgeFund Intelligence Global Composite Index down 0.05%. Hedge funds did outperform equity markets, with the MSCI World Index (net) falling 0.68% for the month. On a year-to-date basis, hedge funds are still significantly trailing the double digit gains of their global equity benchmarks.

Hedge fund strategies tracked by Americas-focused Absolute Return that rose for the month included event driven, Latin American equity and multistrategy. On a global basis, the sharpest losses came for managed futures funds; the median fund employing the strategy dropped 3.21% in October. This was the worst start to a final quarter since October 1999, when funds fell 3.27%. 

Note: These indices were accurate as of Nov 8. For the most recent performance statistics, please click on the links in the table below to the individual databases. For a complete list of the top performing funds in each strategy, please visit the  HedgeFund Intelligence database.

Absolute Return Indices

Index October YTD
U.S. Equity -0.26% 4.85%
Managed Futures -2.22% -1.66%
Multistrategy 0.47% 6.56%
Event Driven 1.13% 8.07%
Macro -0.77% 2.11%
Latin American Equity 2.61% 9.23%
Composite -0.20% 4.78%

HedgeFund Intelligence Indices
Median Hedge Fund Returns by region

(click for full stats)
October YTD
Asia AsiaHedge
0.58% 3.73%
Europe EuroHedge
-0.10% 3.09%
U.S. Absolute Return
-0.20% 4.78%
0.09% 2.68%
Funds of Funds InvestHedge
-0.60% 1.84%
Global Composite HedgeFundIntelligence
-0.05% 4.10%

Global Benchmarks

Index October YTD
MSCI World Index -0.68% 12.26%
Dow Jones Industrial Average -2.54% 7.19%
S&P 500*
-1.85% 14.28%
NASDAQ Composite -4.46% 14.28%
MSCI Europe Index 1.14% 11.20%
MSCI Pacific Free Index -0.36% 7.66%

* total return

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