What are theAsiaHedge Indices?
Our indices are the Asian Hedge Fund Industry's most accurate benchmark of hedge fund performance.

The AsiaHedge Indices are based on the data compiled and contained within the AsiaHedge Database which feeds into the AsiaHedge League Tables on a monthly basis.

All performance figures are inputted and checked individually to maintain an excellent level of accuracy.

Once a fund has a track record of three months it will appear in the league tables, but if submitted before the press date will be included before this period in the construction of its peer group index.

How Funds Qualify
Hedge Funds and Managed Futures regularly submit their details to be listed in the AsiaHedge Database. A fund can only be added providing it is:

 At least 80% managed in the Asia-Pacific Area


 Is solely invested in the Asia-Pacific Area

At this stage, there is no minimum size for a hedge fund to qualify.

How Funds are Classified
Once a fund fits the submission criteria it must then be classified into one of the existing categories. This is done by the Editor of AsiaHedge in agreement with the fund managers.

As the market develops so too will the AsiaHedge classifications over time. Categories may be added or modified to reflect the changes in the market. Notices will be posted on here to make you aware of such changes.

Methodolgy of Indices Calculations
Key strategies are given their own index so hedge fund managers can see the performance of their peer group as a whole. These figures are calculated using the performance data from the AsiaHedge Database as it stands at the time AsiaHedge goes to press.

In short:

-All funds are included in the indices regardless of track record
-All funds are equally weighed
-Each Index is a median value of its peer group
-All funds live and liquidated are included in the historical figures

Release Date
Estimated index figures are released on the 5th working day with finals realeased on or around the 16th of the month. They are published in AsiaHedge and available on our website.

Every December the track record of all the indices will be reviewed to see if market changes and addition of new funds warrant any updates in their history. The first revision since the creation of Asiahedge was done in February 2004 and all indices were marginally adjusted to reflect the changes in the markets over the last 4 years, reflecting more complete data capture and the continuing growth in the number of funds listed. The lastest revision was completed in March 2012.

Information & Contact Details
If you require any further information on AsiaHedge data, research or indices, please contact us here.

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