EuroHedge Strategy Descriptions

Funds investing directly into physical commodities.

Convertible & Equity Arbitrage
Funds that invest in convertible securities, normally also taking short positions in its underlying common stock, and using leverage to generate returns from movements in volatility, equity or credit.

Funds invested in all types of debt instruments other than government debt, i.e. with some credit risk – such as asset back securities, corporate or municipal bonds.

Funds invested in the currency markets including the spot market, options and forward contracts.

Distressed Debt
Funds investing in the securities of companies currently going through distressed situations i.e. bankruptcy and other corporate reorganizations.

Emerging Markets Debt
Funds invested in debt instruments of emerging markets including Russia and Eastern Europe.

Emerging Markets Equity
Funds invested in equities of emerging markets, including Russia and Eastern Europe.

Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies
Funds using quantitative methods with market neutral approaches, primarily in equities.

European Equity
Funds investing in European equities with long/short strategies.

Event Driven
Funds which take positions in companies involved in corporate events, such as mergers, spin-offs, take-overs and ‘special situations’.

Exotic Derivatives
European funds invested in exotic derivatives, such as weather derivatives.

Fixed Income
Funds generally investing long and short and with leverage in government bonds but may also invest in corporate bonds and global fixed income securities.

Global Equities
Funds managed from Europe which are invested in global equities, using long/short strategy.

Global Insurance Risk
European funds invested primarily in assets which carry exposure to insurance risk, in particular, insurance-linked securities.

Funds that take long and short positions in various asset classes based on macroeconomic analysis.

Managed Futures
Funds that invest long and short in various asset classes through futures markets, usually with a systematic trend-following approach.

Mixed Arbitrage & Multi-Strategy
Funds with more than one market neutral or relative value strategy that aim to generate profits through arbitraging pricing inefficiencies.

Self Invested
Funds invested in multiple single manager funds managed by the same company.

Funds managed from Europe which are invested long/short in U.S. equities.

Volatility Trading
Funds investing long/short in volatility as an asset class.

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