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  • European hedge fund assets grow by 5% in first half

    The European industry continued to climb in H1 2015 – albeit more slowly than in the US or Asia – despite renewed Eurozone pressures and a wary attitude towards Europe by US and global investors

  • How to make the most of Cap Intro: an insider view

    Capital Introduction can be a key part of any manager’s capital-raising activities, for new start-ups and established funds alike. But it can also be one of the most frequently misunderstood areas of the relationship between banks and hedge funds – and one of the most inefficiently used too. So how can and should hedge funds best use Cap Intro as part of their overall marketing and fund-raising efforts?

  • Global Review: Autumn 2015

    • Global asset survey • HFI Billion Dollar Club • New funds analysis • Investor insights • Performance update • Regional reviews • Industry comment • Hedge Fund Service Provider Guide for 2015

  • Equity and event-driven dominate new funds flow in first half

    More than 50 new offshore and onshore European hedge funds launched in H1 2015, the EuroHedge mid-year survey shows – with global equity, European equity and event-driven raising most assets

  • Investors remain committed despite spike in market volatility

    Investor demand for hedge funds remains steadfast despite the challenging investment environment of recent months – especially for macro, event-driven, equity long/short and multi-strategy exposure


  • EuroHedge Awards 2015: top contenders battle volatile markets

    The potential challengers jostle for position in an increasingly tricky and fast-changing year, ahead of the industry’s big night on Thursday 21 January at the Grosvenor House in London

  • Taking the air in Paris: report from the HFI Summit

    The mood at this year’s big annual industry gathering in Europe was upbeat, but mixed. Optimism at the fast-expanding opportunities for growth and strong returns across the alternative asset management business was tempered with an air of apprehension at the many macro-economic, geo-political, regulatory and investment uncertainties and challenges facing all those involved in the industry

Special Reports

  • Global Review: Autumn 2015

    Sep 2015

    The Autumn 2015 edition of the HedgeFund Intelligence Global Review provides a unique and useful snapshot of the global hedge fund industry – in terms of all the key data and research points, the major themes and issues facing managers and investors, and the main challenges and changes ahead for the industry.

  • UCITS 2015

    Sep 2015

    Europe’s UCITS framework has been a catalyst for the dramatic growth of liquid alternative funds at a time when major regulatory and investor changes are altering the global alternative investment market. The UCITS hedge fund universe goes from strength to strength – with a broadening variety of strategies and fund types being offered by a growing array of managers.

  • Nordic Hedge Funds

    Sep 2015

    The Nordic region has developed into a dynamic and diverse area for alternative investment management – including several of the top-performing funds in the world. This report charts the strategies of managers in the region; the regulatory environment; and the expansion of the retail and institutional investor sectors in the main Nordic countries.


October 2015 European regional fund

Index Composite
EuroHedgeOct 15YTD%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage EUR1.93%-2.76%100%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage USD0.67%-0.44%100%
Credit EUR0.62%2.50%100%
Credit USD0.22%0.90%100%
Emerging Market Debt USD2.28%0.22%100%
Emerging Market Equity USD3.13%-0.86%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies EUR0.12%7.29%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies USD0.02%7.12%100%
European Equity EUR1.22%7.33%100%
European Equity GBP0.37%6.88%100%
European Equity Nordic1.02%3.74%100%
European Equity USD0.95%6.91%100%
Event Driven EUR1.41%5.88%100%
Event Driven USD1.58%4.14%100%
Fixed Income EUR0.44%2.08%100%
Fixed Income USD-0.03%1.07%100%
Global Equity EUR0.97%4.19%100%
Global Equity USD1.74%4.85%100%
Macro EUR0.20%1.45%100%
Macro USD-0.12%2.94%100%
Managed Futures EUR-2.03%-3.45%100%
Managed Futures USD-2.13%-1.11%100%
Mixed Arbitrage & Multi-Strategy USD0.32%1.74%100%

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