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  • Global Review 2014

    Apr 2014

    The recovery of the global hedge fund industry in 2012, which we reported in last year's editions of the Global Review, has moved up a gear over the past year

  • Ireland – A key centre in the hedge fund world

    Feb 2014

    With the AIFM Directive ushering in a new era for hedge funds in Europe, and with new UCITS legislation set to boost that growing fund sector too, Ireland looks well-placed to capitalise on the opportunities and challenges ahead as a key global player in a changing hedge fund world.

  • China: Looking to a bright future for hedge funds in China

    Oct 2013

    China’s economic growth in recent years has not translated into good returns for passive equity investors. But a series of major reforms to the securities and investment industries are paving the way for more active asset management in the country.


March 2014 European regional fund

Index Composite
EuroHedgeMar 14YTD%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage EUR0.25%1.58%100%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage USD0.16%1.88%100%
Credit EUR0.79%2.31%100%
Credit USD0.92%2.63%100%
Emerging Market Debt USD1.32%2.08%100%
Emerging Market Equity USD-0.81%-2.43%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies EUR-0.37%0.91%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies USD-0.14%0.76%100%
European Equity EUR-0.20%2.93%100%
European Equity GBP-1.69%1.30%100%
European Equity Nordic0.26%2.27%100%
European Equity USD-0.71%2.16%100%
Event Driven EUR-0.41%2.83%100%
Event Driven USD-0.55%2.51%100%
Fixed Income EUR0.65%1.53%100%
Fixed Income USD-0.35%0.08%100%
Global Equity EUR-0.26%1.20%100%
Global Equity USD-1.14%0.56%100%
Macro EUR-0.15%-0.25%100%
Macro USD0.46%-0.10%100%
Managed Futures EUR-2.39%-3.86%100%
Managed Futures USD-1.73%-2.18%100%
Mixed Arbitrage & Multi-Strategy USD-0.05%1.45%100%

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