Industry Analysis

  • European hedge fund assets grow by 5% in first half

    29 Oct 2015

    The European industry continued to climb in H1 2015 – albeit more slowly than in the US or Asia – despite renewed Eurozone pressures and a wary attitude towards Europe by US and global investors

  • How to make the most of Cap Intro: an insider view

    29 Oct 2015

    Capital Introduction can be a key part of any manager’s capital-raising activities, for new start-ups and established funds alike. But it can also be one of the most frequently misunderstood areas of the relationship between banks and hedge funds – and one of the most inefficiently used too. So how can and should hedge funds best use Cap Intro as part of their overall marketing and fund-raising efforts?


  • CS/Qatar JV Aventicum thrives in European equities

    29 Oct 2015

    Part of a joint venture between Credit Suisse and the Qatari government, the ex-Pioneer team at Aventicum Alternative Equities have a long track record of extracting non-correlated alpha

  • Ex-IKOS veterans buck CTA trend with Altiq strategy

    29 Oct 2015

    IKOS veterans Sam Gover and Peter Ho are on track for the best year so far with their short-term oriented quantitative CTA fund, the Altiq Global Program — putting them way ahead of most of their peers in the managed futures sector in what has been a very up-and-down time for the strategy





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