Industry Analysis

  • CS poll points to growing investor allocations in H2

    29 Jul 2014

    Event-driven and long/short equity are the most in-demand strategies globally, followed by macro and equity market-neutral. Despite their recent performance pick-up, CTAs are most out of favour

  • Uncertainty abounds as AIFMD comes into effect

    29 Jul 2014

    Many key aspects of fund managers’ compliance with the EU’s new regulatory requirements for alternative investment firms remain unclear – and unresolved – as the AIFMD comes into force. But the cost of compliance is still rising and the impact on the industry could be hard to predict

  • Surveys show impact of investor-driven changes across the hedge fund industry

    29 Jul 2014

    Two major recent surveys – one by Barclays and AIMA, the other by Deutsche Bank – underline the extent to which investors are driving change in the industry, both in terms of the partnerships they want to build with managers and also the operational excellence that investors are increasingly expecting