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HedgeFund Intelligence Global Database

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Email or call [UK & EMEA] +44 (0) 20 7779 8367, [Asia] +852 2842 6953, [US] +1 212 224 3098

Contact and performance information for over 15,000 hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, tracking over $1.8 trillion of assets.

Track peers and the funds you want.

Find funds quickly using the database’s search and save funds you want to follow as a ‘watch list’.

Compare and contrast performance by viewing funds on charts, league tables and in custom-built reports, which you can even download to Excel.

Download to Excel, Access, PerTrac and other software.

Allowing you to incorporate the data in your work and use it as you wish.

Receive emails on funds you select.

Alerting you as soon as a contact leaves, the fund’s performance or strategy changes, and more.

Thanks to a team of dedicated researchers, new funds are quickly included and our data is independently verified and updated daily.

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