AsiaHedge Forum 2012

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel
Location: Hong Kong
Dates: Wednesday, 29 February 2012 - Thursday, 01 March 2012

Held in Hong Kong, the AsiaHedge Forum is a major hedge fund event attracting both local and international delegates who need to know about the Asia-Pacific hedge fund industry. The Forum addresses the strategies, issues and challenges that the region's industry now faces, and provides the perfect opportunity to network with the region's finest managers and investors.

Day One: Wednesday, 29 February 2012



Doors open, registration and breakfast


Macro: What next for the global economy?
Post the eurozone sovereign debt crisis, will we see a turnaround or a ‘double dip’ to a deeper recession? How will that affect asset classes across the globe, and what opportunities if any will it bring in Asia?

Edward Bang, UBS
Diana Choyleva, Lombard Street Research
Harvinder Kalirai, BCA Research
Michael van Biema, van Biema Value Partners

Moderator: Neil Wilson, HedgeFund Intelligence

Investors: What do international allocators want in Asia?
There is no doubt that many investors are convinced they should have greater exposure in Asia, but many remain sceptical about a lot of the hedge funds in the region. What are the biggest barriers to Asian hedge funds raising money and how do they change investor attitudes to accelerate the flow of capital?

Peter H Fletcher, Parly Company SA
Max Gottschalk, Gottex
Eliza Lau, Synergy Fund Management
Ed Littmann, Mesirow Financial 

Moderator: Aradhna Dayal, AsiaHedge


Coffee break


Keynote speaker: Joe Zhou, Ortus Capital Management

Introduced by: Glenn Kennedy, HSBC


Building a sustainable business in Asia
Together with strong performance, operations and alignment of interests, what are the key ingredients – running a virtuous business? being a business that gives back as well as collects? – to creating a sustaining global brands in Asia. A panel of top industry executives discuss.

Katarina Bendle, Senrigan
Kurt Ersoy, Segantii
Michael Gibson, LIM Advisors
Barry Goodman, Millburn Ridgefield Corporation

Moderator: Dagmar Baeuerle, Citi





Keynote Speaker: Stan Miranda, Partners Capital

Introduced by: Aradhna Dayal, AsiaHedge


Strategy session: Greater China
What is the best way to play the world’s biggest growth story? Can hedge fund strategies add value? Can onshore private funds add successful offshore versions?

Scott Hobart, HFZ Capital Management
Craig Lindsay, Citic Securities International Investment Management
Chris Ruffle, Open Door
Brenda Tse, Permal Group

Moderator: Rodney Diola, AsiaHedge


Coffee Break


Best ideas showcase: Equity Strategies
A group of Asian hedge fund managers with a variety of equity and equity-related strategies are given the chance to explain why their strategies are of appeal in the current market

John Foo, Kingsmead Asset Management;
Michael Nock, Michael Nock & Associates
Ophelia Tong, HT Capital Management

Moderator: Lawrence Delevingne, AR


Best ideas showcase: Quants and others

A group of hedge fund managers are given the chance to explain why their strategies are of appeal in the current market

Kenny Arnott, Arnott Capital
Barry Goodman, Millburn Ridgefield Corporation
Kin Leung-Chan, Rega Technologies
Chris McGuire, Phalanx Capital Management

Moderator: Neil Wilson, HedgeFund Intelligence


Drinks reception




Day Two: Thursday,1 March 2012



Doors open, registration and breakfast 


Institutional Investors—Regional and Global: How are they helping re-shape the Asian hedge fund industry?
Post 2008, one of the most interesting dynamics in the Asian hedge fund space has been the advent of institutional investors, both global as well as from within the region. Will this trend accelerate in 2012 or slow down given the near flat performances? And how are institutional investors accessing Asian funds—through consultants, fund of funds or going direct?

Kris Kowal, DuPont Capital Management 
Francois Reyl, Reyl & Cie
Raymond Wong, Cheetah Investment Management
Victor Zhang, Wilshire Fund Management

Moderator: Aradhna Dayal, AsiaHedge

Business issues session: Emerging managers—Start up, Seeding and Acceleration landscape in Asia
Post the latest financial crisis, the Asian hedge fund industry has witnessed increasingly sophisticated (albeit a much lower number of launches), many of which will go on to form the bedrock of the industry in the years to come. At the same time, limited capital availability and rising costs has raised the barriers to entry and sustainability. What does it take for a start-up in today’s world to succeed and build a long term business? Key industry executives discuss.

Michele Gesauldi, Kairos Partners
Paul Heffner, Gen 2 Partners
Fred Ingham, Neuberger Investment Management
Ken Stemme, Larch Lane Advisors

Moderator: Neil Wilson, HedgeFund Intelligence


Coffee Break


Keynote: Shirish Saraf, Samena Capital

Introduced by: Aradhna Dayal, AsiaHedge


Strategy session: Fixed income and credit
The growth of the Asian credit markets, increasing need for private credit in the region and the emergence of the offshore Renminbi market are spawning a significant array of new players in the Asian credit space. What strategies are of most interest and why? Managers operating across the liquidity spectrum discuss:

Leon Hindle, Oracle
Monica Hsiao, CQS 
Edwin Wong, SSG Capital
Richard Yang, Samena Capital

Moderator: Rodney Diola, AsiaHedge





Special Government Address:
Julia Leung Fung-Yee, Government of Hong Kong

Regulation roundtable
An update and discussion on the key legal and regulatory developments as they affect hedge funds and their investors active in Asia.

Ashley Alder, Securities and Futures Commission
Christophe Lee, AIMA
Chris Pearce, Marshall Wace
Mark Shipman, Clifford Chance

Moderator: Colin Lunn, UBS

15.00 Short coffee break

Business Issues: Trends in stock-lending activity in Asia
This session takes a look at the trends and offers some analysis of the levels of activity and prices for stock-loan across markets in Asia, how the patterns of long and short investor sentiment have been changing over the past year, and what this tells us about the market.

Will Duff-Gordon, Data Explorers
David Murphy, Citi
Adam York, HSBC

Moderator: Neil Wilson, HedgeFund Intelligence




This programme is provisional and subject to change

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