Absolute Return Symposium 2012

Venue: 10 On The Park
Location: New York
Dates: Thursday, 01 November 2012 - Friday, 02 November 2012

The Absolute Return Symposium is the premier New York hedge fund conference. It attracts the elite from the U.S. hedge fund industry and from across the globe. This year top managers and investors will offer incisive commentary on the industry's accelerating growth and widening dispersion of returns and look at the outlook for and opportunities in equities, macro and commodities. As the global hedge fund industry marches past the $2 trillion mark, don't miss the chance to learn from the true money makers. REGISTER NOW - US: +1 212 224 3570 / UK: +44 (0)20 7779 7222 or email: events@hedgefundintelligence.com



 Day one: November 1, 2012



Doors open, registration and breakfast


Welcoming remarks and introductory briefing:  Josh Friedlander, Editor, Absolute Return


Ongoing economic uncertainty continues to create massive risks and potentially large rewards. This panel will explore global pitfalls and opportunities related to:

- Governmental intervention in markets
- Sovereign debt and currencies
- Trends in commodities, corporate debt and equities
- The best risk/reward trades and markets

- Jason Bonanca, Partner, Head of Strategy and Research, MKP Capital Management
- Patrick Dimick, Portfolio Strategist, Bridgewater Associates 
- Richard Howard, Managing Director – Global Strategist, Hayman Capital Management

Josh Friedlander, Editor, Absolute Return

Keynote Address:
Dinakar Singh, founding partner, TPG-Axon Capital

Introduced by Paul Germain, Credit Suisse



Coffee Break



Family offices
How is the continuing divergence of the hedge fund industry into giant firms and everyone else affecting family office investing? Which strategies are considered the most promising for the coming year, what strategy weightings are considered optimal, and which strategies are being avoided? How are family offices using new disclosures and transparency in making decisions?

- Terri Chernick, Chief Investment Officer, The Koffler Group
- Howard Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Cooper Family Office
- William Orum, Partner and Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Capricorn Investment Group
- Dan Schatzman, Director, Wolfson Family Office

Lawrence Delevingne, staff writer, 
Absolute Return

Workshop: Insurance Products – Finding Non-Correlated Alpha
Hosted by:
Credit Suisse Asset Management

Why invest in insurance products?
- Non correlation aspects
- Risk/reward return profile
- How do investors access insurance products?

John Williams, president, Armour Group Holdings Limited


A group of industry experts will discuss:
- Profiting from the risks in sovereign debt
- Potential resurgence of mortgage securities
- Global deleveraging


- Brian Fehrenbach, Senior Portfolio Manager, UBS Asset Management
- Steven Tananbaum, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, GoldenTree Asset Management
- Colin Teichholtz , Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, Pine River Capital Management
- David Warren, Chief Executive Officer, DW Investment Management and Manager, Brevan Howard Credit Catalysts Master Fund
- Josh Weintraub, Senior Managing Director, Head of US Mortgage Securities and Trading, Cerberus Capital Management

John Baskott, Director, Euromoney Conferences



Lunch and networking 



Keynote Address and Q&A
Deepak Narula, Founding partner, Metacapital Management

14.05          Regulatory Change - What is the Impact on Global Managers?
While hedge funds in the US have been grappling with implementation of domestic rule changes following Dodd-Frank, there has also been a slew of regulatory change in the works in Europe – including the Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) Directive and UCITS IV. As Europe still remains a hugely important market for distribution to investors for many global alternative investment managers, a panel from a group of leading firms discuss what they are needing to do in order to keep up with the new rules 

Bruce Karpati, Chief of the Asset Management Unit, U.S Securities Exchange Commission's Division of Enforcement **
- Michael Neus, Chair of the Investment Adviser Committee, Managed Funds Association (MFA) and General Counsel, Perry Capital
- Greg Robbins, Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Senior Managing Director, Advanced Strategies, Mesirow Financial
- Paul Roth, Founding Partner and Chair of the Investment Management Group, Schulte Roth & Zabel

Marina Lewin, Head of Global Business Development, BNY Mellon Alternative Investment Services

Workshop: Tail Risk Hedging: The Latest Innovation

Tail risk strategies are generally expensive, illiquid, and opaque. The challenge has been for investors to identify strategies whose embedded costs are not prohibitive and still deliver convex performance when there is an equity market collapse.
 - Creating convex vol-based payoffs
Accessing ‘Spike and Bleed’ in VIX futures
Liquidity and transparency are essential

Speakers include:

Scott Weiner, Head of Quantitative Strategy, Velocity Capital


Coffee Break



Do you know what your hedge funds are doing? 
The panel will discuss how to get the right kind of transparency, avoid style drift, and track expenses (and stop exorbitant expenses from being charged to the fund) as well as determining which managers are talented and which have been lucky.


- Kenneth S. Phillips, founder and chief executive officer, HedgeMark

Josh Friedlander, editor, Absolute Return

Workshop: Structured Credit and the RMBS Market - Why You Have Not Missed The Trade
Hosted by: Cerberus

Even with the run up in the US residential MBS market, there continues to be outsized opportunities versus other credit sectors. 

§  How do you leverage the housing recovery?

§  How does QE3 and government policy affect the RMBS market?

What are MSRs and how do you trade them?

Moderator: Josh Weintraub, Senior managing director, head of US mortgage securities and trading, Cerberus Capital Management

Robert Richter, managing director, distressed mortgages, Cerberus Capital Management
Jonathan Sebiri, managing director, distressed mortgages, Cerberus Capital Management


Managing a hedge fund: View from the top
What are the challenges of running a business, maintaining strong performance and preserving capital in today’s uncertain markets? The COOs of several high-profile hedge fund firms will discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead.
- Navigating the hedge fund lifecycle in the new industry environment
- Operational risk management: Multi-tasking to the max?
- Coping with the ever increasing demands of institutional investor due diligence
- The challenges of manager and client retention

- Gregory Heyman, Chief Operating Officer, Kensai Asset Management
- Jeffrey Kaplan, Chief Operating Officer, Appaloosa Management
- Andrew Rabinowitz, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Marathon Asset Management
- Daniel Solomon, president and COO, Lyford Group International

Moderator: Neil Wilson, HedgeFund Intelligence

Workshop: Beyond Oil and Gas: Investing in the New Russian Economy
Hosted by Troika Dialog

The Russian economy will likely grow 4% in 2012. Almost none of this growth came from the oil and gas sectors, but rather from a diverse collection of businesses in manufacturing, retail, transport, construction, agriculture, and elsewhere.

 - Which sectors offer the best investment opportunities?

 - Russia has the highest GDP per capita of the BRICs and has just joined the WTO: How important are these factors to the growth of the manufacturing industry in Russia?

 - Case studies of recent investment experiences


Chris Osborne, Chief executive officer, Troika Dialog USA

Harvey Sawikin, Co-founder, Firebird Management

Timothy J. Seymour, Managing partner, Triogem Asset Management
Chris Weafer, Chief equity strategist, Sberbank CIB


Commodities: Where are we now in the 'Super-Cycle'?
What is the outlook for energy, metals, softs and agriculturals in an era of conflicting concerns about inflation and deflation amid stalling markets and global deleveraging. What will be the impact of China going forward? And of renewed stimulus on the commodity markets? A panel of leading experts and players debate.

Speakers include:

Greg Buechele, Portfolio Manager, Vermillion Asset Management
Everett Cook, Head of Research, Taylor Woods Capital Management

Nick Mitsiou, Executive Director, LGT Capital Partners

Bill Perkins, Managing partner and chief investment officer, Skylar Capital Management

Moderator: Richard Ryan, Newedge Alternative Investment Solutions 





Day two: November 2, 2012


Registration and breakfast



Opening Remarks:
Josh Friedlander, Editor, Absolute Return 



09.30 Hedge Fund Authors
Hedge funds are rapidly moving from a niche industry to a more vital part of the global investment landscape. Authors who have charted the history and growth of the industry will discuss these changes, including the focus on pension allocations, retiring of the old guard that made hedge funds famous, and how perceptions of hedge funds may shift in the coming years.

- Simon Lack, Author, The Hedge Fund Mirage, and Founder, SL Advisors LLC
- Jack Schwager, Author, Hedge Fund Market Wizards and Market Sense and Nonsense
Gregory Zuckerman, Wall Street Journal

Moderators: Rob Copeland, Staff Writer, Absolute Return



Coffee Break



Best Ideas
In this must-attend session, six talented fund managers will each make a case for one of the top investments in their portfolios and share their invaluable investment insights with Symposium attendees. 

Will Graves, Chief investment officer, Boardman Bay Capital Management
- Brett Jefferson, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Hildene Capital Management
- Efrem Kamen, Pura Vida Investments
- Ross Margolies, Founder and Portfolio Manager, Stelliam Investment Management LP
- Jonathan Neiss, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Contrarian Capital Management
- Denise Shull, The ReThink Group
- Rajiv Sobti, Karya Capital Management

Josh Friedlander, Editor, Absolute Return



Lunch and close




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