EuroHedge Summit 2013

Venue: Palais de la Bourse
Location: Paris
Dates: Wednesday, 22 May 2013 - Thursday, 23 May 2013

Held in Paris every Spring, the EuroHedge Summit is Europe's biggest hedge fund event which attracts the industry's elite from around the globe. The event offers incisive and topical content about hedge fund strategies and addresses the overall outlook for the hedge fund industry and financial markets, as well as the opportunities, challenges and risks across a range of investment strategies. REGISTER NOW - US: +1 212 224 3570 / UK: +44 (0)20 7779 7222 or email:

Tuesday 21 May


Wine & Cheese tasting reception
An informal and relaxed get together the evening before the main conference begins. 
All delegates of the EuroHedge Summit are invited to taste a selection of French wines and a variety of regional cheeses.  The evening also gives you the opportunity to pick up your badge before the crowds on Wednesday morning!




Wednesday 22 May

08.00 - 09.00

 Registration and coffee


09.00 - 09.05

HedgeFund Intelligence welcome:
Christopher Garnett, Director, HedgeFund Intelligence Conferences and Euromoney Conferences

09.05 - 10.05

Macro: Is the worst of the crisis now behind us?

* Is the Eurozone now holding together permanently?
* Can the US keep patching things up – and avoid the fiscal cliff?
* Can China and emerging markets continue to drive growth?
* Can macro managers start making better returns?

Nick Evans
, Editor, EuroHedge

Richard Cookson, Head of Research, Rubicon Fund Management

Anatole Kaletsky, Economic Columnist, Reuters and International Herald Tribune, and Partner and Co-Chairman, GaveKal Dragonomics

George Papamarkakis, Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, North Asset Management (North)

Lucrezia Reichlin, Co-Founder, Now-Casting Economics,
and Professor of Economics, London Business School

10.05 - 10.50

Hedge fund CEO Panel: Charting the way forward

* What is the main opportunity set for hedge fund firms today?
* Coping with the new demands from regulations and investors
...while retaining the entrepreneurial edge

Robert Mirsky, Partner and Global Head of Hedge Funds, KPMG


Stuart Bohart, President of Liquid Markets and Senior Managing Director –Strategy, Fortress Investment Group

Martin Estlander, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Estlander & Partners

Jonathan Lourie, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Cheyne Capital Management

Sir Paul Ruddock, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lansdowne Partners

10.50 - 11.20

 Coffee break

11.20 - 12.05

Investors: Will they keep the faith with hedge funds?

* Hedge funds have underperformed equities by a long way in recent
years, yet investors do not seem to be pulling money from them
– can and will that continue?
* Is ‘non-correlation’ better than beta? How long as it a substitute for
absolute returns?
* Is there just too much money in the industry already?
* Where do investors think are the best opportunities this year?

Neil Wilson, Managing Editor, HedgeFund Intelligence

Penny Aitken, Investment Manager, FQS

Alexandre Col, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Asset Management, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild

Martin Källström, Portfolio Manager, Hedge Funds, First Swedish National Pension Fund (AP1)

Max von Bismarck, Partner and Chief Executive Officer-Europe,SkyBridge Capital

12.05 - 12.50

Keynote Address:

Chris Hohn, Founder, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, The Children’s Investment Fund Management (UK) LLP

Introduced by Neil Wilson, Managing Editor, HedgeFund Intelligence

12.50 - 14.00


14.00 - 14.45

Strategy Session:
CTAs and Quant Macro: Up to the challenges?

* Why has managed futures struggled in recent years? Will this year see a revival?
* What is the impact of high frequency trading
– should hedge funds and CTAs be fighting it or embracing it?
What is ‘risk parity’ – is it within the quant/CTA universe or does it represent a whole new class of funds?

James Skeggs, Senior Director, Global Co-Head of Advisory Group, Newedge Alternative Investment Solutions

Peter Ho, Partner, Altiq Asset Management

Patrik Safvenblad, Investment Partner, Harmonic Capital  Partners

Erich Schlaikjer, Chief Technology Officer and Partner, Cantab Capital Partners

Karsten Schroeder, Chairman, Amplitude Capital


14.45 - 15.30

Sponsor Session: Hosted by Lyxor Asset Management

What are the new performance drivers for 2013 and going forward?  

* Which strategy to play? Liquid vs. illiquid?
* Does size matter? Early-stage vs. star managers?
* Alternative risk premia
* What are the money making themes?
Have the markets changed ? Have we become equity dependent ?
Is Performance to be found in process and operations ?



Jerome Lussan, Chief Executive Officer, Laven Partners

Nathanael Benzaken, Deputy Head of the Alternative Investments Business Line, Lyxor Asset Management

Jad Comair, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Melanion Capital

Jacob Gottlieb, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Visium Asset Management

Hilmi Unver, Partner and Head of Alternative Investments, Notz Stucki

Sponsor Session: Hosted by Northern Trust

Operations: The Rising Bar. How are global challenges transforming the middle office?  

* How is the current regulatory environment shaping operational issues?
What role is the investor playing in this trend?
* What are the big picture trends driving the greater focus on outsourcing middle office services?
How far to go? What functions can potentially be outsourced?

* Why the issue of asset safety and collateral management is changing the dynamics between prime brokers and custodians? 


Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Consultancy

Heath Davies, Managing Director, Signet Capital Management

Russell Hart, Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner, Alcova Asset Management

Nick McEwen, Co-Chief Executive Officer, OVS Capital Management

Mark Schoen, Head of Product Development EMEA, Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services


15.30 - 16.00

Coffee Break


16.00 - 16.45

Sponsor Session: Hosted by Eurex

OTC Clearing: Into the future
* The shift towards CCP
* Cross margining
* Futurization

Simon Rostron, Managing Director, Rostron Parry

Renaud Huck, Senior Vice President, Head of Buy-Side Relations, Eurex - Deutsche Börse Group

Aron Landy, Chief Risk Officer, Brevan Howard

Hester Serafini, Global Co-Head of OTC Clearing, J.P. Morgan

Patrick Trew, Chief Risk Officer, CQS

Emerging Markets: How best to play them?

* Do emerging markets really offer the best opportunity set?
* In what regions or countries?  BRICS or beyond?
* And in what asset classes – equities, debt, local markets or currencies?

Christopher Garnett, Director, HedgeFund Intelligence Conferences and Euromoney Conferences

Speakers: Tim Dingemans, Portfolio Manager, Adelante Asset Management

Graham Stock, Chief Strategist, Insparo Asset Management

Vernon West, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner, Skyline Capital Management

Rachel Ziemba, Director of Emerging Markets, Roubini Global Economics

16.45 - 17.30

Keynote Address and Q&A:  Martin Hughes
Founder, Toscafund Asset Management

Introduced by Neil Wilson, Managing Editor, HedgeFund Intelligence

17.30 - 19.00

Cocktail reception
All delegates are invited to the official Summit cocktail party held at the end of
the first day of the conference.  Enjoy an evening of discussion and debate after
the first day of conference sessions and keynote speeches.



Thursday 23 May

08.00 - 08.45

 Registration and coffee


08.45 - 08.50

Neil Wilson, Managing Editor, HedgeFund Intelligence


08.50 - 09.35

Fixed income and credit: How is the opportunity set changing?

* Is there such a thing as a ‘risk-free’ asset these days – or does everything contain genuine credit risk?
* How should managers and investors respond to the post-financial
crisis world of government bail-outs and QE?
* Is there still a role for traditional, steady low-volatility fixed income
relative value strategies?
* Should investors be more interested in strategies that seek to
exploit changes in the perceived credit risk in government bonds?

Neil Wilson, Managing Editor, HedgeFund Intelligence

Geraud Charpin, Portfolio Manager, BlueBay Asset Management

Claudia Lang, Managing Director, Advent Capital

Andrew Meares, Portfolio Manager, CapeView Capital 

Bruno Usai, Co-Founder, Mako Investment Managers

09.35 - 10.20

Structured Credit: Will the opportunity set remain rich
– and the returns strong?

* Can the great performance of 2012 continue?

* Where are the best opportunities going forward in structured credit?

* And how best to avoid the inevitable pitfalls?

Lawrence Delevingne, Staff Writer, Absolute Return

Greg Branch, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, SCIO Capital

Loïc Fery, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Chenavari Investment Managers

Stuart Fiertz, Co-Founder and Director of Research, Cheyne Capital Management

Gennaro Pucci, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, PVE Capital

Off-Piste Strategies: Finding truly uncorrelated alpha

* Where are returns to be found away from mainstream asset classes – and the best ways to manage risk in them?

*Opportunities in insurance

*Opportunities elsewhere


Christopher Garnett, Director, HedgeFund Intelligence Conferences and Euromoney Conferences

Luis Amusátegui, Founding Partner and Head of Research, Cygnus Asset Management

Heiko Bailer, Chief Investment Officer, Plenum Investments

Daron Sheehan, Managing Director, Active Earth Investment Management

John Williams, Founder and President, Armour Group Holdings

10.20 - 10.50

Coffee Break

10.50 - 11.35

Sponsor Session: Hosted by UBS Fund Services

The hedge fund firms of the future- How the business model is evolving

*How has the volatility and uncertainty of recent years impacted the credibility
of the industry and managers ability to perform? 

*Will we see a return to normalized marketswhere fundamentals start to prevail?

*As the industry has hit new highs in terms of assets but with allocations going
mainly to the biggest firms, how do small to medium sized firms compete?

*How should hedge funds be responding to major regulatory changes and
vociferous investor demands?

*What is the likely impact on business models and will there continue to be a
trend towards consolidation?

*Are large hedge funds with diverse investment capabilities and scalable
infrastructure better positioned to meet the demands of Institutional investors in the future?

*What are the investment themes that investors have sought so far this year?

Gavin Byrnes, Head of Business Development UK, Executive Director, UBS

John Craig, Chief Operating Officer, Camomille

Patric de Gentile-Williams, Head of Seeding, Man Group – FRM Capital Advisors

Lisa Fridman, Head of European Research, PAAMCO

Sanjay Tikku, Senior Adviser, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Sponsor Session: Hosted by Amundi Alternative Investments
(French language session)

A new framework for Absolute Return in Europe:
is the AIFMD a game changer that will revamp the HF business?

*Is it a ‘coming of age’ for professional HF participants in adhering to a responsible world?

*What impact will the AIFMD have on attracting investment from institutions and high-net worth individuals?

*Are investors now demanding more of hedge funds in the AIFMD environment?

*What role will offshore fund centres now play in accessing investors?

*Will the AIFD help revive the FoHF model, which is clearly under fire?

*In a context of low interest rates, uncertainties over sovereign risk and sudden reversals of risk on / risk off episodes, will AIF products do the job?

*What are the prospects for unconstrained strategies and active management through AIF products?

*Is the AIF investable universe still a work in progress?

Jean-Christophe Marquis, Chief Executive Officer, Conatus Finance

Patrice Bergé-Vincent, Partner, Asset Management Regulatory, PwC

Sylvie Dehove, Deputy Chief Investment Officer,  Amundi Alternative Investments

Emmanuel Gavaudan, Co-Founder, Boussard & Gavaudan

Julien Tizot, Head of Alternative Investments, AGICAM

11:35 - 12:20

Sponsor Session:
Hosted by Banque Pr
ivée Edmond de Rothschild

Regulation revolution: How are the myriad changes impacting the way that hedge funds run their business and raise money?

* As managers grapple with an avalanche of new regulatory requirements that they need to comply with – especially in Europe – what are the best ways to respond?

* What are the most appropriate strategies, structures and business models – onshore and offshore – required to succeed in the new more regulated market?

* How do funds raise money successfully – and retain it – in this harsher new investment climate?

Neil Wilson, Managing Editor, HedgeFund Intelligence

Alexandre Col, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Asset Management, Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild

Saam Golshani, Partner,  Head of the M&A and Private Equity Group and Co-Head of the European Restructuring Group, Orrick

Jiří Krόl, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, The Alternative Investment Management Association Limited (AIMA)

Peter De Proft, Director General, The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA)

Sponsor Session:
Hosted by Eurex

Dividend futures: An asset class for the next decade?

*The dividend market is expanding at a rapid pace, involving new players every day. What are the roots to such a success?

* Risks and opportunities: How to master the risk-reward of this evolving asset class?

Paul Beck, Executive Director, Head of Representative Office Paris, Eurex

Jon Atkins, Executive Director, Nomura International

Warin Buntrock, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, BFT Gestion

Jad Comair, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Melanion Capital

Emmanuel Dray, Global Head of Flow Trading, BNP Paribas

12.20 - 13.00

Equities Where are the opportunities?

*Will the bull run that began in late 2012 continue?

*Where are the best opportunities – in which markets, sectors
and stocks?

*And how best to manage the risk – what should long/short managers
be doing on the short side?

Nick Evans, Editor, EuroHedge

Richard Davidson, Portfolio Strategist, RiverCrest Capital
David Herzberg, Managing Partner, BTG Pactual

David Morant, Portfolio Manager, European Equities, CQS

Simon Waxley, Portfolio Manager, Whitebox Advisors

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 14.45

Keynote address and Q&A: Taylor O'Malley
Co-Founding Partner and Chief Risk Officer, Balyasny Asset Management

Introduced by Albert Hammar, Head of Securities Finance and Prime Brokerage Sales, SEB Merchant Banking


14.45 - 15.45

Investor Panel: What’s the best way to invest in hedge funds?

* Are investors doing the right thing to go direct?
* And if so, how should they do it – via managed accounts or in commingled funds?
* What role is there now for funds of funds?
* Which ones are proving their worth?
* Are consultants proving their worth – and how should they be judged?

Niki Natarajan, Editor, InvestHedge

Tim Gascoigne, Head of Alternative Investments, Allenbridge Investment Solutions

Kevin Gundle, Chief Executive Officer, Aurum Funds

Joseph McCarthy, Managing Director, Islandbridge Capital Limited

Larry Powell, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Utah Retirement Systems

Chris Redmond, Senior Investment Consultant, Member of the Global Investment Committee, Towers Watson







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