Absolute Return Awards for 2013

Venue: Gotham Hall
Location: New York
Dates: Thursday, 13 February 2014 - Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Absolute Return Awards identify the best performing US hedge fund managers based on risk adjusted returns. The awards are regarded as the most prestigious and accurate in the industry. This year's gala ceremony and dinner will be held at New York City's Gotham Hall, where 300+ attendees will celebrate the best in risk-adjusted performance. Call Mishal Karia on +44 (0) 20 7779 8179 to book your table.

The Absolute Return Awards recognize the best annual risk-adjusted performance among hedge funds based in the Americas and operating a variety of strategies.

What are the nomination criteria?

To be considered for an award, funds must have at least a 12-month track record and either submit performance data directly to the Absolute Return Database or via investors who verify the accuracy of the return record. The only exception to this rule is for the New Fund of the Year award, which requires a seven to 18 month track record.


Funds must also manage at least $500 million, except for Specialist Equity ($250 million minimum), Emerging Manager & Smaller Fund ($100 - $500 million) and New Fund of the Year ($100 million minimum).


Nominations are decided by those funds that achieve the strongest Sharpe ratios during the full year of 2013, so long as they also beat the median returns in their relevant peer groups and are also within 10% of their high-water mark. .
The eventual winners will be funds which achieve the best returns, as long as they also achieve Sharpe ratios within 25% of the best among the nominees and are also within 10% of their high-water mark.

Best Management Firm Award
The criteria for the best management firm award will be based on weighted average returns and Sharpe ratios, and asset growth during the year. To be considered, firms must manage at least three funds and combined assets of at least $3 billion.

Long Term Performance Award
The award for the fund with the best long-term performance will be based on a combination of annualized returns and Sharpe ratios among funds operating for more than 10 years, and will be restricted to funds running at least $1 billion.
Consideration will also be given to the winners of all the various categories, as well any other funds with exceptional performance which may have missed out on other awards by being narrowly outside the range with regard to their Sharpe ratios. Nominees for Fund of the Year are announced on the evening of the event.

What period of time do the awards cover?
The Absolute Return Awards year runs from January 2013 through yearend. Provisional nominations are released in early December, and final nominations will be released in mid-January after December 2013 performance data has been submitted.


Awards Categories

Arbitrage & Convertibles
Credit & High Yield
Distressed Securities

Emerging Manager ($100m - $500m)
Event Driven
Fixed Income & Mortgage-Backed Securities
Global Equity
Global Macro
Long Term Performance
Managed Futures
Specialist Equity
U.S. Equity
New Fund of the Year
Fund of the Year
Management Firm of the Year

To be considered for a nomination, please ensure that your fund appears in the Absolute Return Database. To check that your fund is included, please contact:

Amal Robleh
+44 (0) 20 7779 7365