China Forum 2014

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel
Location: Shanghai
Dates: Wednesday, 10 September 2014 - Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The AsiaHedge China Forum held in Shanghai, focuses on the development of China's growing onshore hedge fund industry. The Forum brings together key industry regulators, senior managers from many of the largest onshore sunshine funds, as well as leading international fund managers and investors to discuss the outlook for China's burgeoning hedge fund industry.


The AsiaHedge China Forum
10th September 2014- Grand Hyatt Hotel, Shanghai

Keynote Speakers:

Rongsa Zhong, Vice Chairwoman, Asset Management Association of China (AMAC)

Oliver Weisberg, Managing Director, Citadel (Hong Kong)

The 2nd annual AsiaHedge China Forum took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai on 10 September 2014.

The AsiaHedge China Forum is the first independent event which focuses on China's growing hedge fund industry, bringing together regulators hedge funds and investors from China and across Asia. The Forum provided delegates with an ideal opportunity to meet and network with leading industry figures and to hear from experts on the latest industry developments

This year's China Forum took place against the back drop of ongoing regulatory change in the onshore hedge fund industry, as well as wider capital market reform in China. The China Forum 2014  explored how the onshore hedge fund industry has developed since the implementation of the Securities Funds Investment Law last June and addressed the challenges that the industry faces, as well how to make the most of the opportunities in this high potential market.

Rongsa Zhong, vice chairwoman of AMAC,  opened the event; providing a comprehensive summary of the continued development of a regulatory framework for China's sunshine funds and sharing her vision for the future of the onshore hedge fund industry in China. Oliver Weisberg of Citadel (Hong Kong), the first international hedge fund to complete fund-raising as part of the QDLP programme in China, also delivered an extremely enagaging keynote address at the event, under the theme of 'Alpha generation through Market Neutral Long / Short Equity Investing'.

The first panel session of the day, The outlook for China and its alternative investment industry, addressed how the economic environment has impacted China's burgeoning alternatives industry. Industry experts, such as Theodore Shou of Skybound Capital, and Michael Liang of Foundation Asset Management debated the most significant risks and opportunities in the Chinese market and the outlook for the future progress of the onshore hedge fund industry.

Investment directors from a number of the largest sunshine funds, including Qing Wang of Chongyang Investment Management, Ling Yang of Star Rock Investment Management and Ying Zheng of Congrong Investment Investment Management, also came together on our 'sunshine funds' panel to examine how the onshore industry has advanced over the last twelve months and how sunshine funds are dealing with the challenges and obstacles they face. The panellists also analysed how the diversity and complexity of the products on offer is evolving and also discussed the changing role of trust companies, given the new regulations.

Over the course of the day, the Forum audience also heard from regulators such as Qi Zhang from AMAC on the evolving regulatory environment for China's sunshine funds, and learned how they can prepare for the changes expected over the coming months.

Leading managers such as Murray Steel of Man Group and Jason Liu of Springs Capital also deliberated operational best practices for sunshine funds and discussed how to go about establishing a successful and sustainable hedge fund business in China.

The International managers in China panel featured a number of global managers such as Winton Capital and Value Partners, who have successfully raised capital in China who  discussed their experiences of raising funds onshore as part of the Qualified Foreign Limited Partner and Qualified Domestic Limited Partner programmes and how they have been able to take advantage of the opportunities this has opened up.

The conference closed with our Investor panel, featuring Roslyn Zhang of the China Investment Corporation (CIC) and Richard Williams of Hermes BPK, who discussed their approach to investing in hedge funds, as well as speaking about how Chinese funds can ensure that they are equipped to meet the expectations and requirements of institutional investors. 

Thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors and attendees for making the AsiaHedge China Forum such a great success. We look forward to welcoming you back to Shanghai for the 3rd Forum next September.

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Feedback on last year's event: 

'The conference provided us with a precious opportunity to be exposed to the international investment environment which we, as a local hedge fund, cherish very much. It offered us a great platform to interact with both foreign and domestic investors and to exchange insightful ideas.'  
Qi Song, Chief Executive Officer, Genertec Investment Managers


Panellists include:


Michael Liang, chief investment officer, Foundation Asset Management

Jason Liu, chief operating officer, Springs Capital

Fred Tian, head of China- business development, Winton Capital

Theodore Qi Shou, chief investment officer, Skybound Capital

Qing Wang , president, Chongyang Investment Management

Richard Williams, co-head of Asia, Hermes BPK

Jack Wu, vice-president, China, Value Partners

Ling Yang, president and chief strategist, StarRock Investment Management

Roslyn Zhang, managing director, China Investment Corporation (CIC)

Ying Zheng, co-founder, Congrong Investment Management




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