AsiaHedge Forum 2006

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel
Location: Hong Kong
Dates: Wednesday, 18 October 2006 - Thursday, 19 October 2006

The growing impact of the Asia-Pacific hedge fund industry on the wider absolute return stage - and on the regional markets - were among the talking points at this year's event in Hong Kong "Going Global" was the theme of this year's AsiaHedge Forum, held in Hong Kong from 18-19 October, a fitting title for an event that both celebrated and closely examined the region's maturing hedge funds industry. Across the Forum's 11 sessions and three keynote speeches, plus the break-time networking sessions, several recurring themes emerged: how the industry is grappling with the issue of differentiation from long-only funds; the problem of crowded trades; and style rotation. And proving that bad news gets the biggest press, one name - Amaranth - cropped up again and again in many different contexts throughout the two-day event.