AsiaHedge Awards 2003

Venue: Aberdeen Marina Club
Location: Hong Kong
Dates: Thursday, 23 October 2003 - Thursday, 23 October 2003

Nearly 250 people attended the AsiaHedge Awards 2003 at the Aberdeen Marina Club in Hong Kong on 23 October, having been delayed from June as a result of the SARS crisis. The highly successful event - which saw Tower K1 top the plaudits - was not only an occasion to honour the best that the Asia-Pacific hedge fund industry has had to offer over the past year or so; it was also an excellent opportunity for Asia-Pacific hedge fund managers to meet with a slew of investors that had come to Hong Kong for the event from all over the world, including Europe and the United States.

There could not have been many worse days to hold such an event, given that both the Japanese and Hong Kong stockmarkets each fell by more than 5%, the biggest drops in these markets since 11 September 2001.

But it seemed like the right occasion to remind everyone that Asia-Pacific hedge funds, according to the Bank of Bermuda AsiaHedge Composite Index, have consistently out-performed the key global hedge fund indices in each of the years - good and bad - since and including 2001.