Special Reports

  • Credit Derivatives: Strategies and Instruments

    Sep 2006

    The credit sector has been at the epicenter of innovation in the financial markets in recent years, with the rise of credit derivatives leading the way. And hedge funds have been both major beneficiaries of the new array of trading and investment tools that have been created - as well as being amongst the major drivers of the innovations.

  • Hedge Funds in France: Calculating the opportunities

    Apr 2006

    Over the past few years, the French hedge fund industry has developed in toa much broader and more mature buisness. this evolution challenges the traditional view that has typically regarded paris as a secondary player to the substantially laregr hedge fund centres in london and New York. However important changes are transforming the local market, benefiting both managers as well as domestic and overseas investors.

  • South Africa: A new hedge fund market emerges

    Feb 2006

    In terms of assets and number of funds, the nascent South African hedge fund industry is experiencing a very dynamic period of growth. However, managers acknowledge that the market requires a wider range of strategies as well as a boost in overall capacity to cope with potentially greater flows of institutional money

  • The quest for Alpha in Asia

    Jan 2006

    As foreign investors and hedge fund groups flock to Asia, the question that is on everyone's mind is whether or not this current craze is just a temporary fad, or the start of Asia's place on the hedge fund map?

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