Special Reports

  • Smart Beta

    Jun 2015

    Smart beta aims to improve the transparency, efficiency and cost of investing by identifying and isolating different types of factor-based investment drivers. Its adoption among investors has led to a proliferation of sophisticated strategies that are changing the way risk is measured and returns are targeted.

  • Global Review: Spring 2015

    Apr 2015

    The Spring 2015 edition of the HedgeFund Intelligence Global Review provides a unique and useful snapshot of the global hedge fund industry – in terms of all the key data and research points, the major themes and issues facing managers and investors, and the main challenges and changes ahead for the industry.

  • How to launch a ’40 Act Alternative fund?

    Mar 2015

    The investment pool of mutual fund assets is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017. Some key questions still remain; what are the barriers to entry, and how can managers launch a ’40 Act Alternative Fund?


June 2015 Hedgefund Intelligence

Single Manager Composite
Index Single Manager Composite
Absolute UCITSJun 15YTD%
Single Manager Composite-1.21%2.00%92%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies0.05%1.23%100%
European Equity-0.96%4.11%94%
Event Driven-1.08%1.84%81%
Fund of Funds-0.97%2.90%84%
Global Equity-1.61%2.88%93%
Managed Futures-3.35%0.17%93%
Mixed Arbitrage & Multi-Strategy-1.54%2.08%89%

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