Event-driven strategy notches best return in four years

by Amal Robleh

U.S. funds outperform Europe and Asia.

Hedge funds ended February up 1.37%, against large gains by major market indices. The MSCI World and S&P 500 rose 5.01% and 4.57%, respectively. 

Americas hedge funds were up 1.73% for the month, beating their regional counterparts in Europe (1.36%) and Asia (0.33%).

All Absolute Return indices were positive for the month. Event-driven funds were the big winners in February, with the Absolute Return Event Driven Index climbing 3.98% for the month. This is the strategy's best monthly return since May 2009, when event-driven funds surged to a 4.27% return. 

Note: These indices were accurate as of March 10 and are