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The worst of Wall Street through the eyes of a fallen trader


A review of former Galleon and Argus employee Turney Duff’s “The Buy Side”


"The Buy Side" is the type of book hedge funders hate.

The new tell-all account by former Galleon Group, Argus Partners and J.L. Berkowitz stock trader Turney Duff is a 301-page study in the worst stereotypes of Wall Street. There are vivid anecdotes of insider trading and dealing at Galleon under Raj Rajaratnam; cocaine-and-whiskey fueled debauchery in New York and Miami paid for by bankers desperate for hedge fund business; and nasty hazing incidents involving shots of tequila and Tasers.

Duff's coming of age story during the fast-money, loose-rules days before the 2008 financial crisis