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Whitebox gives financial research award to AQR team


Andy Redleaf's firm gives employees of Cliff Asness' quant shop a cash prize for work on time series momentum investing.

  Tobias Moskowitz 
   Tobias Moskowitz
(Photo: Chicago Booth)
Staffers at Minneapolis-based Whitebox Advisors are big fans of the investing research coming out of AQR Capital Management in Greenwich.

After months of deliberation, a committee from Andy Redleaf's $2.4 billion multistrategy hedge fund firm chose a paper written by three men with AQR ties as the winner of the second annual Whitebox Prize, a $25,000 award for financial research. Tobias Moskowitz, Yao Hua Ooi and Lasse Heje Pedersen were chosen for their May 2012 paper “Time Series Momentum" in the Journal of Financial Economics.

“This research