Eclectica tops in credit, fixed-income firms enjoy solid returns


Eclectica Credit topped the tables in credit in 2011, returning 46.22% in spite of a 4.14% loss in December. Other strong performers included Chenavari Toro (up 24.71% for the year) and Capital Four Credit Opportunities (up 10.63%).

Newcomer Nightscape Global Value made 7.81% in a solid first year, while Alcentra Structured Credit Opportunity returned 8.70% and CQS Credit Long Short was up 6.81% in 2011. There were also positive 2011 numbers from WB Opportunities (7.73%), BlueCrest Mercantile (4.92%) and RAB European Credit Opportunities (4.03%).

But there were plenty of losers, too, including Cairn Credit (-18.94%), IFPC Zenith High