Losses prevail in bad year for event-driven


Only a few funds stood out in a disappointing year for event-driven. Private equity-focused Marwyn Value Investors returned 26.75%, despite a small loss of 0.37% in December. Sentat Event Driven was up 11.39% after making 1.19%, while ABCA Opportunities returned 8.54% in 2011 and 1.76% in December. OVS Capital made 7.83% on the year, with Syquant Capital Helium up 4.33%, and FMCP Equity Event Driven gained 3.54%.

The well-performing Orsay Merger Arbitrage was up another 2.96% in December and is annualising at almost 19%, while Centaurus Event Opportunities – another new start in 2011 – gained 6.25% in