Hedge Funds

Rambourg’s Verrazzano blends continuity and new talent for landmark Paris launch


The investment strategy will be pragmatic at all times, cutting emotion out of the investment process as much as possible

Verrazzano’s founding partners: Tim Williams, Karim Moussalem, Guillaume Rambourg, Tomás Pintó and Murielle Maman
Few people are more experienced in long/short European equity investing through the market cycles than Guillaume Rambourg, the highly regarded ex-Gartmore manager who has recently set up his own keenly-awaited Verrazzano Capital asset management firm in Paris.

Having joined Gartmore in 1995 as an analyst, Rambourg and his long-time partner Roger Guy first branched into hedge fund investing back in February 1999 with a $10 million managed account for a single client.

The AlphaGen Capella fund was launched soon after, in