Launches & Closures

Multi-strategy leads as new funds attract biggest assets post crisis


In spite of a turbulent year in which the Asia-Pacific makets have borne the brunt of the global performance fallout, the latest AsiaHedge new funds survey reveals that as many as 58 new launches have garnered almost $4.5 billion in 2011, reflecting a 13% increase on 2010 figures

The latest AsiaHedge new funds survey throws open a huge surprise: despite excruciating markets, a scarcity of capital and shrinking overall industry assets, new launches in Asia raised as much as $4.43 billion in 2011 – the highest figure to be recorded since the industry peak in 2007 when new funds attracted a record $7.8 billion. The $4.43 billion in 2011 figure is also a 13% increase on the 2010 figure of $3.85 billion.

The second half of 2011 saw 30 new funds (as recorded by AsiaHedge) harvest $1.34 billion in capital, again a 22% increase over the 2H2010