Ex-MAM, RAB man Darell-Brown rides bull rally as stock-pickers fly


Short-term volatility targets can destroy returns by forcing managers to sell at the wrong times and at bad prices. Our belief is that alpha, in its purest sense, is derived from stock selection – not from market timing

Mark Darell-Brown
Few long/short European equity funds have recovered more swiftly from losses in the painful third quarter of last year than Brown Vanneck Europe – the fundamental stock-picking strategy run by ex-Mercury Asset Management and RAB Capital equity veteran Mark Darell-Brown.

Having dropped almost 20% in August and September 2011 – with much of the 9.5% September loss coming from a single short position in a UK software company – and after experiencing a total drawdown of almost 22% from inception in December 2010 to the end of September last year, the fund has