Hedge Funds Performance

Hedge funds gain 1.55% in February


The industry is now on a two-month winning streak.

The HedgeFund Intelligence Global Composite Index rose 1.55% in February (3.21% YTD). Once again, equity markets outperformed hedge funds, with the MSCI World Index (net) rising 4.88% for the month (10.15% YTD).

Emerging market equity funds were the best performers globally with a gain of 3.65%.

HedgeFund Intelligence Indices

Median Hedge Fund Returns by region

Region Database
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Asia AsiaHedge2.76%4.56%
Europe EuroHedge1.28%2.69%
U.S. AR 1.49%3.26%
UCITS Absolute UCITS 1.29%2.74%
Funds of Funds InvestHedge 1.15%2.44%
Global Composite HedgeFund Intelligence 1.55%3.21%

Global Benchmarks

Index FebruaryYTD
MSCI World Index 4.88%10.15%
Dow Jones Industrial Average2.53%
S&P 500*
NASDAQ Composite 5.44%13.89%
MSCI Europe Index 4.30%7.88%
MSCI Pacific