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Ruddock, Roman and Bass among industry leaders to speak at upcoming Paris Summit


The Paris event, now in its ninth year, will also feature Andrew Baker, Heinz Blennemann, Darcy Bradbury, Gavyn Davies, Christopher Fawcett, Stephen Oxley, Larry Powell, Guillaume Rambourg, Jim Vos and Sushil Wadhwani, among others.

  Main Hall
   Breakout session
  Interior, Palais de la Bourse
The ninth annual EuroHedge Summit, to be held April 24-26 in Paris, will feature leaders of the industry's largest firms, including recently-knighted Sir Paul Ruddock of Lansdowne Partners and Manny Roman of Man GLG, who will be participating on a panel together on the first morning of the conference.

The Summit will again open, as has become traditional in recent years, with a big-picture macro panel to be moderated by Gavyn Davies, the former chief economist at