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Centaurus racks up strong one-year track record with new ‘best ideas’ event vehicle


The event-driven specialist is making good returns with a strategy that is focused on liquid investments and soft-catalyst plays in Europe, Asia and the emerging markets

Randy Freeman
Centaurus Capital, the well-established London and Hong Kong-based event-driven firm led by Randy Freeman and Bernard Oppetit, is making strong progress with its most recently launched fund offering, the best-ideas Centaurus Event Opportunities Fund (CEVO).

One year on from launching in March 2011, the fund has produced an impressive 12-month return of almost 20%, comprising a gain of 7.04% in 2011 – a year in which the EuroHedge Event Driven Index was down 1.45% in euro terms – and an 11.9% return in the first two months of 2012, comfortably outperforming the index