Emerging market managers thrive in buoyant environment


Emerging-market specialists generally thrived in February’s liquidity-propelled market rallies – particularly on the equity side, where a handful of funds posted double-digit gains and several managers are already showing 20% gains for the year to date.

HH Generation was up 13.95% on the month and has already notched up 27.74% year-to-date. Halcyon Power made 13.20% for a 26.46% YTD return. Specialised Russian Growth returned 11.82% (28.12% YTD), and the Destination Fund made 10.84% (15.79% YTD). The Limestone Wider Russia strategy was up 10.70% (28.69% YTD) and Russian Prosperity gained 10.18% (26.82% YTD).

Duet MENA Opportunities was up 9.35%