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Man’s Clarke takes rough with smooth as tide turns after perfect storm in 2011


Man Group CEO Peter Clarke believes the acquisition of GLG has given rise to a uniquely balanced and scalable alternative investment business that spans a growing range of liquid systematic and discretionary strategies, that can access all types of investors around the world and that should be able to deliver uncorrelated return streams in most market environments. But a strong performance in 2012 would help to convince sceptics after a tough year in 2011. In an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with EuroHedge, Clarke talks about strategy, synergy, culture, growth, markets, new products, regulation, acquisitions and much more besides

Peter Clarke
If 2012 carries on in the same way as it has started, there should be few bigger beneficiaries than the shareholders, investors and employees of Man Group plc.

The world’s largest listed alternative investment manager often finds its shares being viewed as a barometer as much of sentiment towards the hedge fund industry in general – and towards the wider financial industry and financial markets – as towards Man’s business itself.

Either way, 2011 was something of a perfect storm for the group – with the oscillating risk-on/risk-off market environment, marked by persistent