Hedge Funds Performance

Hedge funds roar back with 80% positive in Q1


After mixed 2011, industry turns profitable, though most funds still trail broader stock indices

FundStrategyQ1 2012
T2 PartnersU.S. Equity23.60%
BarnegatFixed Income17.89%
EminenceU.S. Equity14.53%
Marcato Capital MgmtGlobal Equity14.50%
MaverickGlobal Equity13.68%
Owl CreekEvent Driven10.23%
Pershing Square IntlMultistrategy9.32%
Renaissance Instit. EquitiesU.S. Equity8.66%
York InvestmentEvent Driven8.76%
Ares Enhanced CreditFixed Income7.68%
Canyon Value RealizationMultistrategy7.61%
Greenlight CapitalU.S. Equity6.62%
Third PointEvent Driven6.50%
Perry Partners IntlMultistrategy6.32%
Marathon Special OpportunityDistressed6.17%
Viking Global EquitiesGlobal Equity5.92%
Highbridge Capital Corp.Multistrategy5.87%
Cerberus RMBS OpportunitiesRMBS5.49%
Eton ParkMultistrategy5.11%
Passport Global StrategyMacro5.20%
LibreMax CapitalCredit5.05%
Lazard Emerging IncomeEmerging Markets4.22%
Moore GlobalMacro3.51%
Doubleline Opport. Income IIMBS3.00%
King Street

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