EuroHedge Summit 2012 report: Challenges abound as industry leaders come together in Paris


The message coming out loud and clear from the annual EuroHedge Summit in Paris in late April was a simple and stark one: after two bad years out of the last four, the pressure is on hedge funds to deliver for investors, in what could be a pivotal time for the industry as a whole

Keynote: Persio Arida – BTG Pactual
Keynote: Kyle Bass – Hayman Capital Management
Keynote: Guillaume Rambourg – Verrazzano Capital
Panel: Macro
Panel: CEOs
Panel: Investors
Panel: Transparency and hedge funds: Shifting standards to a new paradigm
Panel: Regulation: The good, the bad and the downright stupid
Panel: CTAs: What is the future(s)?
Panel: Credit/distressed/event – The big opportunity?
Panel: Volatility and tail-risk strategies
Stream: Start-ups, seeding and capital raising
Stream: Equity market neutral and quant strategies
Sovereign insolvencies, hyper-inflation, renewed recessions, currency collapses, political crises, volatile commodity prices, excessive regulation and the long-term impact