Jabre tops fallers in a mixed bag for multi-strategy


Multi-strategy and mixed arbitrage funds were split roughly 50/50 in April in terms of those making money and those losing it – but with losses generally on a larger scale than gains.

On the plus side, 1798 Fundamental Strategies returned 2.34% and Courant was up 1.44%, while Trafalgar’s Select Fund was up 1.30% and BlackRock Agriculture made 1.09%. BlueCrest AllBlue gained 1.02%, RCP International was up 0.74%, BlueCrest Capital International returned 0.66%, and GLG Market Neutral made 0.28%. CQS Directional Opportunities was up 0.16%, CQS Diversified gained 0.14% and Hadron was up by 0.15%, while IKOS Hedge was