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Major seed commitment from Grosvenor takes Nightscape Capital to the next level


Ex-Sandelman and Citadel manager Nick Stukas secures $75 million investment from $20 billion US fund of funds group for his well-performing credit and capital structure strategy

Nick Stukas
The signing of a $75 million accelerator capital with highly-regarded Chicago-based fund of funds group Grosvenor marks a major step forward for Nightscape Capital – the London-based credit and capital structure firm led by ex-Sandelman and Citadel man Nick Stukas.

Since its inception in September 2010, the Nightscape Global Value Fund has delivered an excellent and very consistent performance through a rocky period in credit-related and other risk asset markets.

The fund is annualising at some 6.5% after its first 20 months of trading – on very low annualised volatility of just 3%,