Absolute UCITS weekly performance:1 to 8 June 2012


Fund Name Performance 1st-8th June
European Equity Median 0.18%
Plurima Unifortune Total Return (UCITS) 3.63%
Saint George UCITS European Equity High Dividend Institutional Cap 3.28%
Siitnedif Tordesillas Iberia Fund (UCITS) 2.79%
Liontrust Pan European Fund Class A (UCITS) - EUR 2.36%
Vitruvius European Equity (UCITS) 2.31%
Old Mutual UK Dynamic Equity Fund (UCITS) 2.07%
Saint George UCITS European Equity Relative Value Institutional Cap 1.62%
Moneta Long Short Fund (UCITS) 1.47%
Smith & Williamson Enterprise Fund GBP (UCITS) 1.42%
Vitruvius Swiss Equity (UCITS) 1.39%
Smith & Williamson Enterprise Fund USD (UCITS) 1.39%
Sycomore L/S Opportunities - A share (UCITS) 1.32%
Merrion European Absolute Return Fund (UCITS) 1.30%
Exane Archimedes Fund (UCITS) 1.18%
Prim' KappaVol (UCITS) 1.18%
RWC UK Pilgrim Fund (UCITS) 1.15%
GAM Star Absolute Europe (UCITS) - EUR 1.14%

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