Winners and losers in macro as dispersion persists


May saw significant divergence again in the performance of global macro funds, reflected in a median gain of just 0.15% for the strategy subset.

Kohinoor Core led the way with a 16.85% gain, while The 36 South Cullinan Fund was up 7.10%, GLG Atlas Macro made 7.04%, Principal Global Macro was up 5.66% and Danix made 5.41%.

There were also strong numbers for Pivot Global Value (up 4.94%), Collard Global Macro (4.87%), Omni Macro (4.43%), Harmonic Alpha Plus Macro (3.37%) and Capula Tail Risk (3.29%).

Colm O’Shea’s COMAC Global Macro was up 2.60%, while SC STIRT made 2.32%,