Absolute UCITS weekly performance:15 to 22 June 2012


Fund Name Performance 15 to 22 June 2012
European Equity Median 0.33%
DNB Norway Absolute Return (UCITS) - EUR 2.66%
DNB Norway Absolute Return (UCITS) - NOK 2.66%
CF Odey UK Absolute Return Fund Retail (UCITS) 2.09%
CF Odey UK Absolute Return Fund Institutional (UCITS) 2.07%
Credit Suisse SICAV One (Lux) Small and Mid Cap (UCITS) Class B - EUR 1.76%
BlackRock BSF European Diversified Equity Absolute Return Fund (UCITS) 1.58%
Planetarium Anthilia Green Class B Institutional (UCITS) 1.56%
Plurima Unifortune Total Return (UCITS) 1.51%
7H Absolute (UCITS) 1.47%
Vitruvius European Equity (UCITS) 1.43%
OFI Prim' KappaStocks (UCITS) 1.39%
Saint George UCITS European Equity High Dividend Institutional Cap 1.30%
Sycomore L/S Opportunities - A share (UCITS) 1.27%
Exane Archimedes Fund