Launches & Closures

New funds in Asia attract over $2 billion in assets during the first half


Despite very tough market conditions, new funds in Asia are continuing to mop up considerable assets, raising $2.02 billion through 32 launches in the first half, as more top-quality managers come to the market

Despite a highly challenging macro environment, the new fund landscape in Asia continues to be surprisingly vibrant, with as many as 32 fund launches (as recorded by AsiaHedge) harvesting $2.02 billion in assets in the first half of 2012, according to the latest AsiaHedge new funds survey.

This confirms the AsiaHedge view that capital from international allocators, and in particular from US institutions, is continuing to flow into selected names in Asia, albeit at a slightly more cautious pace than last year.

Indeed, assets raised by new funds in 1H 2012 were about 35% less, as compared to