Tosca and Helium lead the way in event-driven


Tosca Opportunity had a blistering month in August – posting a gain of 15.58% to take its 2012 return to 25.33%. Helium Special Situations was also on strong form, returning 6.56% for a YTD of 29.95%.

Cygnus Europa Event Driven returned 5.00% but remains down 5.89% YTD, while Audley European Opportunities made 4.40% on the month in dollars but is down 14.56% YTD.

D&P New World Special Situations made 2.39%, while KL Special Opportunities was up 1.68%, ABCA Opportunities gained 1.63% and Diva Synergy returned 1.36%. Polygon European Equity Opportunity posted a 0.77% gain, while Centaurus International Risk