INDUSTRY OUTLOOK SURVEY: Leading specialists assess key developments in operations


HedgeFund Intelligence has invited six senior players in the industry to share their insights on a number of pressing issues. They are Heath Davies, head of research, Signet; Richard Haas, chief operating officer, CapeView; Damien Loveday, global head of hedge fund manager research, Towers Watson; Roxanne Martino, president and chief executive officer, Aurora; Scott Palmer, co-head of operational due diligence, USS; Andrew Rabinowitz, COO, Marathon AM.


INTRODUCTION: Modest rise in global assets belies the struggle for performance
US/AMERICAS: Never confuse motion with action
EUROPE: Managers remain on trial in pivotal time for the industry
ASIA: Multi-strategy funds retain and strengthen their position
GLOBAL ASSETS: Hedge fund assets edge up again despite weak returns
GLOBAL BILLION DOLLAR CLUB: Trend toward consolidation continues
PRIME BROKER SURVEY: Goldman still tops in a fast-changing hedge fund world post-2008
NEW FUNDS: Assets slide in first half
INDUSTRY OUTLOOK SURVEY: Leading specialists

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