Launches & Closures Hedge Funds

New hedge funds update: October 2012


New launches abound from BlackRock, Bank of America, Goldman alumni.

Firm NameFund NameStrategyPortfolio ManagerAUM ($M)CityStateLaunch DateContacts/
Red AlderRed Aldern/aJosh Packwood, Schuster Tanger$60 New YorkNYn/a 
Candlewood InvestmentCandlewood Structured Credit Harvest FundCreditBrian Herr, Greg Richter$75 New YorkNYAugContacts
Citrine Capital ManagementCitrine CapitalCommoditiesPaul Cronen/aNew YorkNYSeptContacts
Fundamental Global InvestorsFundamental Global PartnersMultistrategyKyle Cerminara, Lewis Johnson$30 CharlotteNCSeptContacts
Hawksfield CapitalHawksfield Capital Volatility Opportunities FundConvertible & Equity ArbitrageNeil Boyarsky, Daniel Bystrom$10-20*New YorkNYSeptContacts
Karya CapitalKarya Futures FundFuturesRajiv Sobti$10 New YorkNYSeptContacts/Data
Treesdale PartnersTreebrook Macro FundMacroYoon Chang, Ashley Honey$20 New YorkNYSeptContacts

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