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Bollywood star to play jailed Galleon founder Rajaratnam in upcoming flick


Billion Dollar Raja to portray hedge funder's downfall.

  Mohanlal (Photo: Blogspot)
A singing, dancing star of India's famously colorful Bollywood movies has been tapped to play disgraced Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam in an upcoming Hollywood flick, "Billion Dollar Raja."

Mohanlal (full name Mohanlal Vishwanathan Nai), seen this year in "Confident Casanova," will take a more serious spin in the U.S. pic, set to film in New York for a 2013 release.

"Mohanlal's similarity to Raj is uncanny. But that's just a small reason for choosing him; he's such a brilliant actor and we are huge fans of his