Pharo tops in good month for EM debt


Emerging-market debt specialists put in a good showing in September, with positive returns almost across the board. Pharo Trading was up 7.18%, while UFG Debt returned 3.98% and Pharo Gaia made 3.92%. Adelante Emerging Debt was up 3.63%, UFG Russia Debt gained 3.09%, Finisterre Global Opportunity was up 2.54% and Finisterre Credit made 2.01%.

Spinnaker Global Opportunity returned 1.71% and BlueCrest Emerging Markets was up 1.54%, while GLG Emerging Currency and Fixed Income added 1.31%. UFG Credit Opportunities was up 0.97% on the month, and BlueBay Emerging Market Fixed Income Opportunity returned 0.82% – while stable-mate BlueBay Emerging