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Dinakar Singh on slimming down in an "insane" and "dangerous" market


The TPG-Axon founder endorses stocks over bonds despite choppy environment in an Absolute Return Symposium keynote address.

 Dinakar Singh delivering the keynote (Photo: Axel Dupeux)

The Hurricane Sandy-damaged crane dangling perilously across from their midtown Manhattan offices probably posed the most tangible risk last week to TPG-Axon Capital. But firm founder Dinakar Singh also saw some to fear in the markets in his keynote address at Absolute Return Symposium two blocks north.

"It used to be that shocks happened every five years," Singh warned a standing-room-only crowd. "Now they happen every six months."

In such a volatile environment, Singh has a somewhat unconventional view: pick a few solid sectors for equities; don't