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Akshayam’s visionary ‘kicking the tyres’ strategy pays off


Since setting up Akshayam Asian Fund in mid-2009, Kedar Wagle and Ajay Sharma have produced consistent and solid returns for investors through alpha generation from fundamentals-based bottom-up stock picking

Ajay Sharma
Kedar Wagle
When Kedar Wagle and Ajay Sharma decided to leave behind their sterling careers running significant capital at top-tier firms such as Alliance, Citigroup Asset Management and JP Morgan to set up Akshayam Asian Fund mid-2009, many in the industry were surprised. The duo had earned a name for themselves doing fundamentals-driven investing across Asia and across multiple market cycles for more than 18 years, with strong outperformance.

“There is a paucity of fundamental managers like us in Asia, with most funds’ returns being driven by beta rather than