Winners and losers divide in multi-strat


It was a generally good month for most mixed arbitrage and multi-strategy funds – although, as with most other strategies in October, there were also a fair number of losses.

BlackRock Agriculture made 4.48% on the month, while Fonds Bloemendaal was up 4.24% and Courant made 3.06%. Chenavari Real Estate Debt was up 1.94%, LMR Global Opportunities gained 1.60%, CQS Directional Opportunities made 1.30% and GLG Market Neutral was up 1.26%.

Metage Global Strategies was up by 1.20%, Hadron made 0.97%, 1798 Fundamental Strategies returned 0.42% and IKOS was up 0.38%.

On the downside GLC Diversified lost