Hedge Funds Performance

Tiedemann/Falconer Partners suffers second down year


Tiedemann/Falconer Partners, which is managed by the $1.3 billion TIG Advisors, has had two negative years in a row.

TIG Advisors’ U.S. equity fund, Tiedemann/Falconer Partners, finished 2010 in the red, leaving it down for two consecutive years. Tiedemann/Falconer, which oversees $90.7 million, dipped 12 basis points last year after falling 7.86% in 2009. The AR U.S. Equity Index was up 5.77% for 2010 through November. The fund has produced a net annualized return of 7.88% since its inception in May 2002.

Assets in Tiedemann/Falconer have shrunk substantially due to poor performance and redemptions. In January 2009, the fund managed more than $400 million. It is open to new investors, according to a one-page investor presentation dated