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RAB Energy duo dig deep to extract value, bounce back from 2008 blow


An overhaul of their hedging and investment strategy has enabled Gavin Wilson and Mark Redway to bounce back from a big drawdown in 2008 – focusing the fund more explicitly on drilling ‘events’ in the oil and gas sector and reducing its exposure to big market movements and the oil price


Gavin Wilson and Mark Redway

Of all the long/short equity funds that suffered most in the downturn of 2008, very few have bounced back quite as swiftly and spectacularly as RAB Energy – the event-focused oil and gas sector strategy run by long-standing industry specialists Gavin Wilson and Mark Redway.

Having produced excellent returns from its launch in mid-2004 to mid-2007, the fund came a cropper in 2008 as a result of an array of adverse factors – including a steep fall in the oil price, collapsing financial markets in the latter part of the