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Long-standing ex-Sofaer European equity duo find natural home with Martin Currie


Michael Browne and Steve Frost have been running long/short equity money together since 1989 – at BZW, Chase, Sofaer Capital and, since the middle of last year, at their new home at Martin Currie – making them one of the longest-standing equity fund management partnerships in London

 Michael Browne
Steve Frost
At a time of increased concern in the hedge fund industry about key-man risk, the volatility of returns and the challenge faced by stock-pickers trying to remain uncorrelated to the underlying markets, Martin Currie has acquired a long/short European equity fund with a stable and longstanding investment team, a consistent track record and a reputation for avoiding the markets’ more extreme fluctuations.

The fund is – or rather, was – the Sofaer Capital European fund, and the portfolio managers are Michael Browne and Steve Frost. The duo joined