Mixed fortunes for global and EM equity managers


Several brand-name global and emerging market equity players were also wrong-footed in January’s febrile market conditions.

Among those suffering were Carnegie Worldwide Long/Short (down 6.3%), GAM Delphic (down 4.99%), MW Global Opportunities (down 3.66%), Sofaer Global Opportunities (down 3.59%), SR Phoenicia (down 3.2%), Horseman Global (down 2.24%) and Lansdowne Global Financials (down 2.21%).

A handful of sector specialists were among those profiting on the month – including Guinness Energy (5.9%), HealthInvest Global Long/Short (4.48%), the new Audley Natural Resources fund (2.5%) and IBIS Global Media (2.49%) – while award-winner RAB Energy was solidly up at 1.79% again for